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Ballada o soldate (1959) Online Free

Ballada o soldate (1959) Online

Genre: Drama, Romance, War

Country: Soviet Union

Year: 1959

Runtime: 88min

Director: Grigoriy Chukhray

Vladimir Ivashov, Zhanna Prokhorenko, Antonina Maksimova, Nikolai Kryuchkov, Yevgeni Urbansky, Elza Lezhdey, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Yevgeni Teterin, V. Markova, Marina Kremnyova, Vladimir Pokrovsky, Georgi Yumatov, Gennadi Yukhtin, Valentina Telegina, Lev B

Rating: 8.1


Ballad of a Soldier is in Russian with English subtitles. The opening scenes are on the battlefield in WWII perhaps Kursk. Two lone Russian forward observers are watch a squad of German tiger tanks rolling right at them one runs and is killed the other reports and starts to run. The German tank seems to be trying to run him over and save ammunition. These are real German tiger tanks everything in this movie puts you right in WWII Russia during the great patriotic war. Our hero manages to knock out two of these monster tanks and is rewarded with a 6 day leave. This is the story of that journey across Russian and the encounters with the Russian people as the all shoulder the bitter burden of this Great War. He meets a beautiful young Russian teenager they fall in love and both journey together. The landscapes, the people are a great documentary of how the Russian people fought this war and the great sacrifices they all made. The interactions and characters are all masterfully written and acted. The photography, the direction is the best of the best. The Black and White film format adds to the realism and the WWII feel. The sound track is perfect to complete this excellent film. This is a must see movie for any serious student of film making or WWII history. It is a tribute to the greatness of the Russian people and their greatest generation that paid in a river of blood, sweat and tears to defeat the Nazis during WWII.

Also known as:

A Balada do Soldado => Brazil

A Balada do Soldado => Portugal

Ballad of a Soldier => International

Ballad of a Soldier => USA

Die Ballade vom Soldaten => East Germany

Die Ballade vom Soldaten => West Germany

Баллада о солдате => Soviet Union

Askerin türküsü => Turkey

Balada de un soldado => Argentina

Ballad om en soldat => Sweden

Ballada a katonáról => Hungary

Ballada o zolnierzu => Poland

Ballata di un soldato => Italy

De ballade van een soldaat => Netherlands

Historien om en soldat => Denmark

I ballada enos stratioti => Greece

La balada del soldado => Spain

La ballade du soldat => France

Vain neljä päivää => Finland

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